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April 09, 2015, 11:24:06 PM by Acans | Views: 2468 | Comments: 0

Ah employment, such a horrible thing. I miss being unemployed already, I had so much free time.

Now... none.

Altho those day's were spent playing Skyrim almost 6 hours a day. Pretty much maxed two character, warrior and a mage :D

But, back to story.

In Perth, I was employed as a Assistant Business Manager. Good Pay, shit hours. But I worked twice as less as I am now :\. Since moving from WA to Mackay, QLD, I've had to go back to being a Sales Consultant as there were no Management roles available.

I knew when I made the choice to come back to Mackay it would put me back were I started in my career aspects. But I don't regret it, as I've been having more fun with old friends I grew up with. Honestly, I've had more fun being back this past month than I had in 6 months in Perth.

Perth is honestly a better place, but it won't be complete unless I migrate everybody I know and like their.

Maybe one day..... When I'm a millionaire.
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