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Weekend at Stonies

Weekend at Stonies had a lot of issues that ended up requiring a full second reshoot. The bright side is I got to step up to not only edit it but to be 1stAD and Co-Producer as well. In the end, we as a crew learned a lot about putting out the fires of film making and made an awesome short film!

Lynx TVC

The above was our TVC assignment, requirements of strict 30 seconds. This was also my first venture into Colour Grading Log Footage from a Pansonic GH5 and working with poor audio that was cleaned up in Adobe Audition. I also learned about transcoding the Raw GH5 4K footage to CineForm, as although my Desktop PC could handle it, my Laptop and other peoples computers couldn't.

Leaving Early

Although primarily credited as Producer, I was asked at the last minute to help refine the rough cut of our Short Film to its finished product. Log footage from an FS700.

Bad Blood

Exam for our editing class, provided written edit along with all footage/audio/titles to assemble in 2 hours.


An assignment for our editing class, provided all footage/boom audio/sfx audio to assemble in our chosen narrative so long as it maintained a horror feel.

Recreating Brooklyn 99 Opening Scene

Week 13, all final assignments submitted, so what do we do with our 3-hour class? Recreate a great opening scene of Brooklyn 99. Setup and Filmed in 3 hours than edited on my train ride home. Unfortunately we didn't capture any audio through the H5 so everything was onboard camera audio.

The Job

The first film I got to do a minor role on, working the H5 and boom. Not much to say except I record good audio!
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