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April 09, 2015, 11:24:13 PM by Acans | Views: 3645 | Comments: 0

Since getting the NBN, I now have speeds of 100/400 :). What does this mean? Well downloading at 11mbs and uploading at 4mbs allows me to have a movie in less than a minute and basically have my own seedbox at home for IPTorrents.

Another useful thing is being able to have a live stream of my computer for others too see, coming from my middle monitor. Mainly for games, but also for when I'm developing new web applications or even modifying old ones.

Now since I don't have a premium membership I can only stream at 480p using 1mbps of upload connection, however if I choose to spend the extra coin I can stream at a more comfortable 720p using about 2mbps of upstream. Altho I can stream at 1080p, It would consume the whole 4mbps up and wouldn't fair my seedbox or other server applications very well.

tl;dr Check out the Stream tab, when I'm playing or developing feel free to view and comment. I'll usually post a quick news announcement letting everyone know :).
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