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Title: Kimi no Na wa. - Musubi + Shrine Scene
Post by: Acans on October 05, 2018, 04:25:31 PM

The Musubi explanation and visiting the Shrine scene from Kimi no Na Wa. (Makoto Shinkai, 2016) not only beautifully shows off Makoto Shinkai's animated world, but is rich in subtext through it's use of Cinematography and Sound. During this scene, the movies exposition hero Hitoha asks Mitsuha (currently Taki in her body) and Yotsuha if they know what "Musubi" is. As she explains the audience is given a series of shots in a montage, of nature, of the braids they create and of leaves wilting than falling onto water. I believe these shots are to help show the passage of time, especially the leafs falling into water as the first shot is of one leaf, than the last shot of multiple leafs. A representation of time moving forward in the Autumn season in relation to Hitoha's speech but also holds the deeper meaning that we, as people are very small in the grand scheme of the world and the gods. I believe this is reinforced further with the close up of Mitsuha face in awe of the Shrine, followed by the wide shot of all three characters and the Shrine, and finally the extreme wide shot of Shrine atop a crater. The ultimate view of this spiritual place itself being shown as a small part of the world.

All of this is complemented by the beautiful background music that plays throughout the scene. The song is called Goshintai, named after the crater where the Shrine is located. The sound has a kind of serious, yet soft and calm tone. I personally found it very spiritual, especially when it builds to show the awe of Mitsuha seeing the Shrine for the first time and the two wide and extreme wide shots that follow before returning to it's previous tone as they cross "kakuriyo" and slows further as they enter the Shrine.

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