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Wade's Notes
« on: October 25, 2018, 02:05:19 AM »
SpiderMan: Homecoming (2017, Jon Watts)

This is the Analyst for the first half of the car scene, called the greatest scene of the movie by (Cavna, 2017).

What is the Context of my half of the scene? Peter being driven to the homecoming dance with Liz by her father Adrian, who Peter just discovered in the previous scene is Vulture, the antagonist of the movie. Vulture doesn't know that Peter is Spiderman yet. Vulture beings the scene with the "Dad interrogation" but becomes suspicious over the cause of the scene until he knows for sure that Peter is Spiderman, which Josh will cover in his piece.

Now lets look at some of the editing techniques used in this scene.

Firstly, L and J Cuts (and the emotion they build during this scene):

The L and J cuts from these scene are used against Peter when transitioning between shots. First to show his anxiety and fear, but then later in the scene for Intimidation as Josh will be covering. As their are used against him, we the audience are given time to see this anxiety and fear in his face before he has a chance to respond, thus creating the subtext in the scene of fear/anxiety from Peter. They are also a great from of transitioning between shots instead of using a hard edit as mentioned in (Renee, 2017).


Second, Montage:

Rhythmic Montage (also referred to as Continuity Editing) is used throughout the scene, with the content of the shot in question determining the length as illustrated in (Fusco, 2017). An example being the cuts between the dialog.


Dimensions of Film Editing:

The scene has two dimensions of film editing as described (BORDWELL & THOMPSON, 2013).

Temporal - There are No Flash Backs or Flash Forwards. Each dialog piece moves the story forward like A to B to C etc.
Rhythmic - Different Rhythmic patterns used for editing between the standard "Dad Interrogation" at the start to Vulture suspecting than figuring out Peter is SpiderMan. The example of the last clip, besides Spidermans anxiety and fear, Liz and Vulture are going on like nothing's out of place. That's the Rhythm created by the Rhythmic editing but in this next clip, the Rhythmic Editing changes to create a new Rhythm of heighten tension, that is aided by the addition of a new background music added. More on the sound later but first, the clip.


Now keeping that clip in mind, lets talk about The Rule of Six:

The scene follows The Rule of Six as defined in (Murch, 2001) as "The ideal cut is one that satisfies all the following six criteria at once". The criteria of Emotion, Story, Rhythm, Eye Trace, 2D Plane of Screen and 3D Space. Emotion is the strongest in the scene evidance by Peter's Facial Expressions, followed by the Story of vulture suspecting peter being spiderman, than Rhythm, slower paced cutting holding on the faces longest, reinforcing the emotion and story. The eye trace between the two characters, the 2D Plane of Screen i.e the 180 degree rule and the 3D space i.e the car.

P.S I don't count the shot from Peter's POV looking at Vultures face in the centre car mirror as breaking the 180 degree rule, as no dialog was happening during the shot and when dialog resumes, they hadn't changed positions. Which makes my statement of "The Scene Follows the Rule of Six" correct and not "The Scene Closely Follows the Rule of Six" by giving up on the 2D plane of screen.


Throughout the scene with dialog, the car engine and traffic sound is turned down. Sound of car horns while focused on the actors is also turned down, becoming louder when the scene transitions to a long shot of the cars in traffic. At the beginning of the scene you can hear a siren in the background, adding subtext of warning and danger ("Definition of SIREN", 2018). Lastly, as I mentioned when talking about The Dimensions of Film Editing, as Vulture get's more suspicious new ominous music appears which Josh will elaborate on in his piece.
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